One of the most rewarding and exciting new procedures in dentistry today is the system for making loose dentures tight and comfortable.

Mini dental implants provide denture patients with the ability to eat, smile and speak with confidence. In as little as 1 hour, 4-6 MINI dental implants can be placed, and your dentures can be fitted over the implants. You leave the office with a stable denture which, in most cases, can be used IMMEDIATELY.

In addition, placement of these MINI implants results in very little post-operative discomfort.

Many patients who were not candidates for conventional implants because of inadequate bone or finances, are now mini dental implant candidates.


The Ultimate Solution for Tooth


Fixed (screwed in) Porcelain Zirconia



Involves placement of 4-6 Conventional Implants, Temporary Acrylic Prosthesis, and Final Porcelain Zirconia Prosthesis.


Fixed retained Zirconia Prosthesis

$525/ 60 mo.*

Procedure fee $22,000

Includes CT Scan, 6-8 implants, Temporary prosthesis, and final Zirconia Prosthesis, and all steps needed.

add $2000 if teeth need to be extracted.





This Procedure is an Acrylic Detachable Denture that Snap On and Off to Titanium Implants.


The Simplest & Affordable solution for struggling lower denture patients. One quick and easy treatment visit offers you freedom from the troubles of a loose lower denture. No more sore spots, messy glues, or embarrassing moments. Get your enjoyment of LIFE BACK!


Four (4) to Six (6) Mini Dental Implants are placed with corresponding snaps inserted in the plate. A newly made denture is recommended in case your existing denture is very worn, ill fitting, or does not have the room to accommodate the attachments.

Appointment Schedule:


Visit 1: Free Consultation, health history review, evaluation of the existing denture, X-ray. Determination if the patient is an implant candidate.


Visit 2: Set-up financing, patient medications, answer questions, take impressions.


Visit 3: Place Implants, deliver the denture, attach the snaps, adjust and polish.


Visit 4: Follow-up, fine tune and adjust the teeth to ideal fit.


— If determined that a new denture is needed, then 4 more appointments with 2 weeks intervals are required to fabricate a new denture.


— If a denture reline is determined to be the only procedure needed to improve the fit then two appointments are needed.


Financing Options:

(W/ credit application approval)


  • 4-6 MINI implants for $ 95/ 60 mo.* Procedure Fee $3,995**
  • 4-6 MINI implants, and new Lower Denture for $135/ 60 mo. Procedure fee $5,645**
  • 4-6 MINI implants Lower Denture with Premium Teeth $139/ 60 mo. Procedure fee $5,845**
  • 4-6 MINI implants for lower denture, a new Lower and Upper denture ( no implants) with Premium Teeth $185/ 60 mo. Procedure Fee $7,695.