Nitrous Gas ( laughing gas ) & Oral Sedation

For many patients dental visits can be very stressful. For this reason, many avoid going to the dentist and consequently do not get the proper dental care necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. Our office offers nitrous gas (laughing gas) to take the edge off the anxiety some patients experience. Likewise, a sedative pill may be taken in advance to make your dental visit easier.

Nitrous gas is a very safe and effective gas that works well for 75% of patients. The effect is felt in a few minutes and can be adjusted to comfortable levels throughout the treatment. The most common side effect is nausea, which is seen in 1% of patients and can be resolved by adjusting the level of the gas. The recovery is 100% within five minutes after the gas is stopped, and 100% oxygen is given. Patients do not need to bring a companion or driver.

When oral sedation is given, the effect is slow, and long, lasting for a few hours after the appointment. Therefore, the patient MUST have a driver or companion. The medication may make the patient drowsy for a few hours.

Medical history and expectations must be evaluated prior to the administration of nitrous gas or a prescription for sedative medication.